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What we do

Challoch Energy provides high quality research and consulting services to a range of organisations

Challoch Energy is Belgium-based energy consulting business. The founder of the company Simon Minett, has a deep and extensive knowledge of low carbon energy technologies and policy. Its clients around the world include energy companies, major energy users, national governments, non-governmental organisations, industry associations and equipment suppliers.

business streams

One of the foci for Challoch Energy’s business is in policy advice. Simon Minett has a track-record in working in European trade associations. He was Managing Director of COGEN Europe from 1998-2006, a position that required him to be intimately involved in working with the European Commission and other EU institutions (as well as national governments) on the development and implementation of European energy policies.

Over the years, Challoch Energy has built an excellent network of global experts on low carbon energies to augment its knowledge and expertise. Challoch’s deep understanding of decentralised energy technologies, markets and policies enables us to assist our clients in the following areas:

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and District Heating and Cooling (DHC)

  • Thorough understanding of European and other market policy frameworks

  • Pre-feasibility modelling on CHP options (incl. sizing, cost, economic analysis)

Energy Efficiency

  • Industrial Energy Efficiency training development

  • Energy efficiency in Chemical SMEs

  • EU policy experience

  • Energy Efficiency in industry (especially utility services)

Owner's engineer

  • Technical assistance and contract negotiation for Heat and electricity supply, CHP and large roof PV

  • Expert in CHP procurement

Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

  • Technical Due Diligence and market analysis for PV, micro-wind, biogas and biomass projects in Europe

  • EU Policy development experience (EU RES Electricity Directive and EU RES Heat Initiative)