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Challoch Energy has a long-term commitment on energy efficiency matters. This commitment is based on practical work with a number of important European businesses and organisations.

Owner’s Engineer

CHP for Birmingham New Street Station, Network Rail (2012-ongoing)
Design, tendering, procurement and contract negotiation for a new gas-fired CHP plant at the station and the development of district heating interconnections with other schemes in Birmingham.

Energy Policy

Electricity Sector Indicators, European Commission DG TREN (2005-2007)
The purpose of the study was to identify, justify and try out, possible indicators, particularly those linking developments in the European electricity sector to progress towards EU energy, environment and competitiveness objectives.

Energy Efficiency

CARE+ (2009-ongoing)
This project helps small and medium sized enterprises in the chemical industry improve their energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Even though energy costs can represent up to 25% of their total production costs, many small companies don’t see energy efficiency as a priority or are not equipped to set up effective energy management programmes. Challoch Energy, and specifically Simon Minett, was one of the architects of CARE+ and contributed to the successful delivery of this project.

Sectoral Platform in Chemicals for Energy Efficiency Excellence - SPiCE3 (2013-ongoing)

The SPiCE3 project aims to boost energy efficiency across the European chemical industry, particularly in small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs). Since its launch in April 2013, Challoch Energy has actively participated in the general management of the project as well as in its content development, thus contributing to enable companies to benefit from existing energy efficiency tools and exchange best practice through an on-line platform, industry workshops and tailored training.

CHP Policy

"Guidelines on comprehensive assessment (CA) and cost-benefit analysis (CBA)" (October 2014)

Among other things, thedocument prepared by Challoch aimed to help member states to identify the potential of all types of efficient heating and cooling: Combined Heat and Power (CHP), District Heating and Cooling (DHC) and recovery of industrial waste heat.

CHP Market Experience

European Market Studies on CHP, various clients (2004-2012)
Numerous studies for clients from small equipment supplies to pan-European utilities looking at the market for CHP of various sizes in EU countries, including support mechanisms, economic modelling and potential studies.

Past Projects