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Our mission
  1. To be recognised as a world leader in research and analysis in low carbon energy systems.
  2. To bring about a significant and sustainable growth in its value over time
  3. To be a model for the sustainable operation of business

Governments around the World are exploring options for reducing carbon:


Challoch's main goal is to deliver the best quality advice on low carbon energy!

The deployment of clean, low carbon energy is an essential part of energy policy, both for greenhouse gas reductions and sustainable energy use. In fact, clean, low carbon energy has emerged as a suite of effective solutions to delivering Greenhouse Gas reductions to combat global climate change.

Challoch Energy believes that societies need a mix of energy efficiency, CHP and Renewable Energy to meet the challenge of massive reductions in Carbon Dioxide emissions. Whilst technological innovation is necessary to bring forward new and improved technologies, much can and should be done with existing technologies and techniques. Challoch Energy focuses its efforts on helping businesses and governments to deploy clean energy technologies.

Challoch Energy’s deep understanding of clean energy technologies and techniques, markets and policy frameworks makes us ideally placed to provide insight on how to maximise the opportunities, and overcome the challenges, of the emerging clean energy sector.