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Combined Heat and Power + District Heating & Cooling

Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP), and District Heating and Cooling (DHC) represent a proven and cost-effective series of technologies that deliver electricity, heating and cooling at high efficiency where it is needed - in industries, in towns/cities and in buildings of all sizes.

Cogeneration can take many forms and encompasses a range of technologies, but will always be based upon an efficient, integrated system that combines electricity production and a heat recovery system. By using the heat output from the electricity production for heating or industrial applications, cogeneration plants generally convert 75 to 80% of the fuel source into useful energy, while the most modern cogeneration plants reach efficiencies of 90% or more. Cogeneration plants also reduce transmission and distribution losses as they are sited near the end user.

Challoch's expertise in CHP technologies and markets - Track record since 1990


  • Thorough understanding of European and other market CHP/DHC policy frameworks
  • Modelling capabilities on support regimes
  • Working relationships with the EU and national Government officials responsible for CHP/DHC
  • Individual member of the UK’s Combined Heat and Power Association
  • Membership of COGEN Europe, including chairing the EU Emissions Trading Working Group

Technical knowledge

  • Thorough understanding of CHP cycle and heat and power supply
  • Pre-feasibility modelling capability on CHP options including sizing, cost, economic analysis
  • Experience in biomass, biogas technologies

Market knowledge

  • Well known by most of the UK CHP market and good working relationships with energy companies, equipment suppliers and policymakers.
  • Well known by a good proportion of European CHP/DH industry, but less complete a coverage than in UK.
  • Active working knowledge on energy markets in the UK and other EU Countries.

Examples of work

  • Study leader for SDC-funded work on low to medium density DH market potential in the UK
  • Lead consultant to two collations of CHP operators in California in their lobbying and preparation for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program
  • Huntsman, Network Rail, IEA, Sustainable Development Commission, Ireland, EcoCerT, EU Cogeneration Study