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Challoch Energy, established in 2009, undertakes project development and implementation, consultancy, research and analysis in the energy efficiency, cogeneration and renewable sectors. Challoch Energy is based in Belgium. Challoch's clients include local authorities, oil and gas companies, the chemical industry, the food industry and various finance institutions.

Challoch Energy is actively engaged in the low carbon energy market and the articles below are ones that we have found interesting:

EU invests €444 million in key energy infrastructure


February 17, 2017 - Today EU Member States agreed on the Commission's proposal to invest €444 million in 18 priority European energy infrastructure projects covering electricity, smart grids and gas.


European Parliament votes proposal to revise EU ETS


February 16, 2017 - The report was approved by the Chamber majority, and the EU carbon market is advised to adhere to the rules laid out by the Paris Agreement. Yesterday’s vote approved the Commission’s proposal to reduce the number of “carbon credits” (emission allowances) that will be auctioned by 2.2% each year.


Scene Set for a Policy Fight Over Energy Self-Consumption in Europe

Solar power

February 15, 2017 - Countries differ on how to empower consumers as part of a long-term regional energy plan. Battle lines are being drawn over the future of renewable energy self-consumption in Europe following the publication of legislative proposals last fall.